Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Who's Who of Vista 2008 - Part II

We’re back, with another edition of the Who’s Who at Vista ’08! Last time, we promised you guys a mind-blowing evening with some of the biggest and brightest names in print and television at our Media Conclave. Today, we bring you our esteemed panelists for our discussion on this year’s theme ‘Emerging Economies, Emerging Realities’. With the growing economic influence of the emerging economies on the world stage, we figured it was about time we stepped back and took a good look at the broader picture and where we go from here. With that in mind, we got together a team of experts to see what they had to say about it.

Jayanta Roy has over 30 years experience working for World Bank and the Government of India and was part of the team responsible for the reforms that opened up India’s economy in 1991. Not only that, he has also taught at IIMC and Cornell, among others, and you can find his writing regularly in the Financial Express. You’d have only read him before, here’s a chance to catch him live in action.

Next, we have another giant in his field, Manab Majumdar. Currently Senior Director of FICCI and Team Leader of WTO and Foreign Trade Division of the Federation, he has over 20 years experience, both research and professional, in the areas of WTO, Trade Policy, Regional Integration, Globalization etc.He’s even been invited in the past by Japan and Thailand to share his expertise with them. He interfaces with the Government, private sector, civil society and multilateral institutions and now he’s going to be here at IIMB to interact with all of us.

Morgan Stanley, a name known and respected the world over. Hence, it was but natural to invite Narayan Ramachandran, the Global Head of the Emerging Markets Division at Morgan Stanley, to share his views on the how the new economies will affect the world from a financial perspective. He has 17 years of experience in investment banking and was previously the MD at RogersCasey.

In today’s rapidly shrinking world, communication has a vital role to play. Keeping that in mind, we invited Gopi Gopinath, the Vice President of AT&T, Asia Pacific region to join us and share with us his wealth of experiences in the telecom industry.Last, but definitely not least, we have Dr. Saikat Sinha Roy, a Reader in the Economics Dept. at Jadavpur University, Kolkatta. He has worked with the Asian Development Bank and his areas of specialization are Trade and Development and Open Economy Macroeconomics.

No panel is complete without a moderator and we have IIMB’s very own Prof. Prakash G. Apte moderating this year’s discussion. With a Ph.D in Economics from Columbia University and experience in consulting, industry and research, Prof. Apte ranks right up there with our panelists, thus ensuring that this will an unforgettable evening.

So that’s our panel discussion for this year, folks. We’ve slogged over the last few months to ensure that we bring you the best of the best and now, we can sit back with a sigh and say that yes, it’s all been worth it! So take advantage of this unique opportunity and be there to watch these experts discuss how to reconstruct the world, BRIC by BRIC...

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