Monday, October 6, 2008

WHAT was that? - Part III

Thank you for the overwhelming response for the 'WHAT was that' series, folks. In all, 1432 * 0 people have mailed us or commented on the posts.

Ok we just like to believe that you all adore these posts.

Whether you did or not, one person who digged the last one was the man(aw) himself. The wide grin on his face was evident of his self-effacing nature, you thought? Naah.. Dude loved the footage!!

Now on to the story at hand. This is set in one of those dark nights when the whole world sleeps, while the team burns midnight oil planning how to burn more midnight oil. It was almost a serious and sober meeting. With our hero-of-the-post being the reason for the qualifier "almost".

I wont name him, but it would suffice to say that this is the guy Anshuman loves the most in the world. This he-who-I-will-not-name had totally lost it, having downed his worldly sorrows in peg after peg of CH3CH2OH. But the long years he has put in this big bad world have taught him to be sincere at work. So, when duty beckoned, nothing stopped him. Not even in(st)ability.

So our man, known for his creative skills in making Photoshop churn out amazing designs (well, I had to say something good about him; he knows the password to this blog account :( ), by trial, error, and the Almighty’s moral support, seated himself in his chair. The rest of the team stared agape at him, as he attempted to work on a design. That his hands were not listening to him did not matter to him. Dude made a brave attempt – to move IIMB's logo across the workspace.

Refer Exhibit 1.

But, our man, the one whom Anshuman simply adores, was not drunk. He was simply a perfectionist with an eye for detail. How else could you explain the fact that he was trying to move the logo ray-by-ray? Like this:

Till date we have not been able to identify whether that was due to senility or his state of inebriation. And the odds are that we will never know. But that was that.

This whole rigmarole was caught on camera by one of our team members. Our hands itch to post that here. But we have always been taught to respect elders, and that is what is stopping us from doing that. If you are too interested in that, maybe you should just wait till Christmas. Santa Claus might be able to drop a CD in ur hostel room.

That’s it for now. More later, folks!

Psst: Did you know that Anshuman is a narcissist?

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