Monday, October 13, 2008

Investment Workshop

How many times how you wondered in the past couple of weeks if the stock market is still a viable option to invest in? How many times have you made up your mind to trudge back to the security of the term deposits and national saving certificates issued by the banks and post offices?

Rhetorical questions, but extremely pertinent in the present situation. But some people decided to check out if it was still possible to invest even in this scenario. That’s what the investment workshop was all about. It focused on the methods that may be employed to hedge risks in the present bull market.

The workshop started at 10 A.M. approximately with the CPP 1 classroom almost full. Once again, there was no dearth in interest in financial markets as we have seen in the recent times and people were still pouring in as the session started. Abhijeet Gayen and Shubhash R from IIM Bangalore conducted it.

Going by the turnout, it is evident that investing still remains a hot favourite among people who decided to join the workshop at the cost of missing out on the penultimate round of Numero Uno being held at the Auditorium during the same timeslot.

The workshop got over at 11:30 and it would not be an understatement to suggest that the participants have benefitted immensely from the workshop.

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