Monday, October 6, 2008

Numero You Know!

On an august October evening at Bangalore

Pattering rain makes the heat get lean

As all the smokers remember days yore

Calm and quite paints a picture serene

This is an ephemeral lull before the storm

In 3 days the fights for supremacy commence

To strive, to surge, to transgress the norm

To compete, attain glory in a battle intense

Numero Uno – who is chosen as the best

Without the aid of any red-blue pill

No prophecies, all reputations put to rest

It’s time to prove one’s strength and will

Jacks of trades – prefer to stay away

The search is for the ultimate Master

The stress and pressure drive you astray

A three day ride on a wild roller coaster

Starting with the dreaded Board Room

Provide deliverables with resources scarce

Use fundaes acquired in the Class Room

Battles transcend to personal wars

Market your potential, strategize to excel

Operational hurdles? Use acumen to deliver

Complacency here won’t serve you well

Physical forte put to limits in this endeavor

Six will survive till the last remaining obstacle

The bounty in sight, knocks on the door

As the competition start to falter and wobble

Treasure and glory for the sole survivor

Be there to witness who gets crowned the NUMERO UNO this year.

Only at Vista in IIMB: 10th-12th October 2008.

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