Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trojan Horse - Strategy

Vista came up with a winner in Trojan Horse. Having pared the teams (of three) down to 6 following a preliminary round involving a mind-bender of a case study, the finalists were given a taste of the vagaries of the retail market.

Combining operations management and strategy, the teams were taxed to their limits and beyond as they were made to simulate competing retail chains. The simulation covered all aspects from pricing strategies (yes, a chance to apply all those eco fundas you’d thought you could safely tuck away somewhere to grow cobwebs), purchasing decisions, advertising etc.

There were three rounds in all with the final round throwing a pinch of salt into the mixture by allowing the formation of cartels. Tensions ran high as teams mulled over potential strategies and fortunes were made and lost. A game it might have been, but for these people, it was a race to prove themselves and to emerge victorious.

So who did succeed in proving that they’re the kings of retail? In fact, it was the team from NIT Surathkal which ended up sweeping the honours. But never fear, just when we were on the point of despairing about the pointlessness of spending two years here, the second place was captured by an IIMB team, thus restoring our faith in humanity J But all jokes aside, kudos to the NITK team fro a brilliant job and a well deserved win. Who knows, we might have just discovered the retail barons of tomorrow! And with that cheering thought, we bid you adieu. But never fear, there’s still an entire day of fun left at Vista with events that promise to be a memorable end to a memorable fest

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