Friday, October 10, 2008

Numero Uno - II

The second part of the first round of numero uno got underway after lunch today. The teams were provided with the results of the market simulation of their business strategies as well as customized data about their competitors’ performances. This round required the teams to analyze their own performance and fine tune their own business plans with respect to their competitors’ strategy.

The scene inside the computer centre was more intense than it was in the morning (somehow, everyone was not as relaxed as they were and discussing strategy in the calm “lets-talk-it-out-folks” tones), there was enough and more data being analyzed and there were product profiles, market response reports and everything under the sun that makes one feel scared of being buried under the unholy cornucopia of numbers. But our men (and the ladies, pardon me) were deep in analysis and as I walked out of the room, I could almost sense the tension in the air.

We are on our way.

Next up on Numero Uno: The ice breaker round

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