Friday, October 10, 2008

Manifestations (Paper presentation event)

One of the two paper presentation contests of this edition of VISTA, Manifestations (sponsored by Capgemini) was held today. The shortlists were announced beforehand. There were two topics, closely related to the theme of VISTA this year, one of them being, “Identifying Successful HF Strategies for Investing in Emerging Markets” and the other, “Top Five Factors that Institutional Investors Look into While Investing in Emerging Market Funds”. Once again, true to its tradition, VISTA attracted the best talents from across the country as we saw participation from the likes of those B-schools which form the top ten list of the country.

Five teams were shortlisted to present papers on each of these two topics and each team consisted of three to five members. The event started off at 11 in the morning and was followed till the end by an enthusiastic audience, barring a break for lunch. The presentations wrapped up by 5:30 P.M. and the audience had thinned out as the key-note address by Mr. Shekhar Gupta had commenced at the Auditorium by then.

Results were announced a little later and the team from IIM Ahmedabad bagging the honours for their paper on the first topic related to investing in Hedge Funds, while the team from DoMS, IIT Delhi was judged to have presented the most impactful paper on the five factors that institutional investors should keep in mind when investing in emerging market funds. However that competition had been very intense was lucid in the amount of time the judges took to decide on the winner who'd take a lakh of INR back home!

For those of you who are the operations or marketing type, we have another paper presentation competition called Papyrus lined up. Stay tuned.

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