Monday, October 13, 2008

Finesse - The Private Equity Game

Sunday morning saw the ten finalists of “Finesse”, the private equity game sweating it out in the cold confines of CC. After the preliminary elimination round which tested the contestants on their knowledge of the world of private equity, the second and final round was an altogether different ball game. With the simulation of a real world scenario of 16 companies spread across four major sectors of automobiles, banking, steel and FMCG, the teams had to bid for and then decide the level of investments for growth in each of their companies.

The closed bidding for the various companies was extremely exciting as the participants tried to out think and second guess each other. However, once the bidding got over and the companies were acquired, the teams had to rapidly change their strategy and focus on their future investments in the company, not for just one year but for a period of four years. The performance of the companies was dynamic and depended on the choices of the teams. This made the game more interesting and kept all the participants on their toes. The session ended after 4 hours with all the contestants a little tired but definitely not bored. Needless to say, “Finesse” turned out to be a great game of fun with finance for all the fin enthusiasts.

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