Monday, October 13, 2008

Bizarre - The ultimate quiz-a-thon

The last event at Vista 2008 was Bizarre - the open B-quiz. Attracting participation from over 400 teams, the quiz was hosted by Barry O'Brien in his own inimitable entertaining style.

The teams that got to the dais included those that called themselves
  • The Usual Suspects
  • I^3
  • Swami & Friends
  • Name 2 Complicated 2 Explain
  • Tsunami mein Gourami
  • TM (Barry was not ready to call this team by their full name which, as a participant spelt, sounds very similar to Terry Mecki ;) )
The quiz lasted a good 1.5 hours and was filled with all the usual masala stuff you find in quizzes. But what was quite new was the amount of audience interaction that Barry ensured. There were liberal doses of rounds for the audience while the teams on stage sat and stared agape. And would you believe it if we told you one of them was a round of songs?! And he didn't part with the t-shirts and caps unless people sang the songs.

Among the interesting rounds for the teams were one in which medleys of Ad videos were played and the teams had to identify both. Another was one in which pictures of businessmen and showbiz-men were morphed together and the identification parade was conducted. And then there was the sequential clues round, but the difference was that as the teams exhausted clues, their positive points reduced, but the negatives for incorrect answers increased!

Eventually the team that took the trophy home was Teri M**ki :)

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