Friday, October 10, 2008

Operations Simulation Game

2:30 in the noon and you would expect people to be enjoying their siesta. Guess what, you were wrong!!! The Operation simulation game began in earnest and witnessed overwhelming participation, with over 53 teams taking part in it. L-12, the venue for the event was jam-packed, with eager participants filling every nook and corner of the room. There were couple of teams of exchange students as well who took part in the game.

An interesting production problem about predicting demands for two products A and B and accordingly deciding the production schedules was presented to the participants. The game was held in a dynamic format with each of the teams planning out their production schedules for a single month only after which the actual demand for that month was informed to them. The goal was to decide the firm’s production strategy for the whole year while keeping the costs at a minimum. With laptops not being allowed for the game, people had go back to the old-fashioned way of punching numbers into their calculators and furiously scribbling on sheets of paper.

The interactive format kept the teams on their toes as they had to come up with their production schedules within short time frames of 3-5 minutes. Competition was intense as hardly anyone took a breather for 1 ½ hours, the entire duration of the event. The game culminated on a high note after 12 intense rounds of production planning, with the teams eagerly waiting for the results which are to be announced soon. Without doubt, all the operations enthusiasts experienced what the game promised to them, “Happy Planning”.

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