Friday, October 10, 2008

Rime of the diminutive infra-rrior

Enough serious posts for the day. Let’s lighten up the mood a little, shall we?

Now now, we will stick to our promise of not taking names (unlike some uncouth bloggers before :) ), but needless to suffice this tale belongs to the one and only, the diminutive yet indomitable ‘size doesn’t matter’ soldier of infra.

The loyalties of the said man are unquestioned, and an adherence to law even more so. Which probably explains the following sequence of discussion with an invited participant at VISTA 2008. Just for records, we might mention here that the said participant was a good 6’ tall and easily double the girth of our pawn trooper.

Participant: ‘err.. where can I smoke here?’

Our Hero: ‘you are not allowed to smoke here.’

P (taken aback): WHAT! But why?
OH (with a straight face): because smoking is banned in public places.

(P is brooding over his next move.)
OH: actually you need to go to a toilet.

P (stammering): But I am n-o-t r-e-a-l-l-y in n-e-e-d of one.

OH: (utter seriously) ya, just go to a toilet, lock it from the inside, and then u
can smoke inside!

P (about to faint): o-k-a-y!

P (after recovering): I picked up this campus map from the hospi desk, can you tell
me where the audi is located.

OH (looks at the map, scratches his head): actually this map is wrong. You see, our audi is actually in the other corner of the campus, and the mess is…ummm.. not here, but on the other side… Hey! They have drawn everything opposite to where it should be! Quick, give me a pen, I’ll make the changes.

P (thinking): my my, what an… interesting…. Weekend.
(staggers away from the scene)

Our hero, triumphant in his advisory capabilities, returns to the battlefront.

Of course, we will completely give it away when we tell you that our hero was holding the map ULTA!

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