Monday, October 6, 2008

WHAT was that? Part - II


Lehman went down the drain,

The Bear is already slain,

Merill was sold, Wachovia is too cold

On P – notes, SEBI did a U turn

RBI put another 50 into the magic urn,

There is more to come, I am told

But there is a new one about to unfold!

Okay. Time to shut up. Enough of business news and those sinking ships. It was just to increase your interest in the article (or whatever mudslinger of a prose you may call it). Did you guys know that we (FII) have a president out there in the middle? Yeah right, there was a small mention of his majesty here [].

Poor guy no? He slogs big time for one year, does all that is required to become a president and all he gets is a mention? So here we go.

Ladies, FII proudly presents before you Mr. Manaw Mohan, the president. Gentlemen, thou shall wait till Vista gets over. Manaw has been in Sponsorship vertical of FII and has done lots of things apart from getting great deals for Vista. We shall disclose one incident when Manaw and KC (yeah we have one guy by this name) went out for some official work – yes, only work.

The high flyer president calls KC and tells him to be ready with spons pitch, posters, video and laptop in 20 mins (so generous of him :) ). They were supposed to reach Bharath Earth Movers Limited (BEML) to pitch to them. KC picked Manaw up from the street and they reached Chinnaswamy stadium. Despite that area having a fast moving traffic, it is not really difficult to locate something as big as BEML. And when your president says that its near Chinnaswamy stadium, it better be there. Well, not always.

This is what actually happened:

KC: "Dude.. You are sure that it was near Chinnaswamy stadium?"
Manaw (with the president’s air of confidence) : "Yes man.. I saw the Light towers"
KC: "Light towers? hmm... DUDE! Are you talking about the Kanteerava stadium? That also has light towers! And thats ANOTHER STADIUM"
Manaw(with all his sentiments, guilt but no remorse): "See man.. I haven't eaten anything since morning. You shud be knowing where BEML is. You are from Bangalore."
KC: "Dude. Murder are there!!"

Well, the president is always right and we are not blaming him for reaching BEML late. It’s just that one night before someone swapped Chinnaswamy and Kanteerava stadia. There are serious problems with Bangalore. Nothing is kept at the right place. Right president? :)

All said and done, the deal was sealed by the president and his best commander. Good for all of us, you know. We need the money to run the awesome show you guys are going to witness soon. But the story doesn’t end here. Given the perfectionist our president is, sometimes all of us witness an overkill. Whenever all of us had a meeting/brainstorming session for publicity plans, Manaw just found out ways to insert the logo of sponsor-who-cannot-be-named somewhere in the middle. Rumour has it, the president has got the logo tattooed on himself which will be displayed during Vista (don’t miss it). Such is the loyalty of Manaw.

And yeah, all you ladies, he is still single. As mentioned, he will be kept on display during the event. Use this opportunity to fully explore the technical details of our president. In case, you are worried with the sentimental and emaciated part – be rest assured, he is eating a lot these days. We promise to beef him up. Gentlemen, you please bear with us – we need to get footage for our president during the event. After that, he is all yours.

Vista – 3 days to go. See you there :)

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