Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Team Vista

   We make Vista happen!

Vista is IIMB's business fest and it's an event that is cherished by everyone on campus. Given its scale, this fest is made possible only with the contribution of every club on campus. Forum for Industrial Interaction or FII is the club that is responsible for conducting Vista. Other clubs on campus, namely MaSH (the Marketing Club), Icon (the Consulting Club), EnI (the Entrepreneurship Club) and NetWorth (the Finance Club) pitch in, with events of their own. And, of course, the jazz and informal element is added by the Cultural Committee and the Dramatics Society.  To sum up, Vista is where all of IIMB comes together to display its might to the world!


Some Vista statistics!

FOOTFALLS : The number of footfalls has been increasing over the years. Last year, we had 10,000 footfalls. This year, it is expected to be more. 

ONLINE PRESENCE: With more people logged onto the net, the numbers visiting the Vista website have also increased. Last year it was a phenomenal 5 million clicks.

CORPORATE PARTICIPATION: Vista draws huge corporate population as the business fest is seen as a forum for interaction between the academia and the corporate. More than 60 companies in Vista’07

STUDENT PARTICIPATION: Vista has registered participation of students from more than 150 colleges across India as well as the incoming Exchange students at IIMB

Come and be a part of this phonomenon called Vista!

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