Wednesday, September 10, 2008

IIMB presents its business fest Vista!

Emerging Economies. Emerging Realities.

 IIMB's business fest Vista is schedule for October 10th, 11th and 12th this year.  Through its plethora of events, Vista will explore the Emerging Economies phenomenon and more importantly, will focus on the realities that are emerging.

So what exactly is the theme all about?

 The rise of  economies in the Asian and South American continents was much touted as the beginning of the end - of the hegemony of the global superpowers like the United States. These countries caught the imagination of the behemoths in various industrial sectors, which in turn set up shop in these fledgling economies. A wave of acquisitions and innovative corporate structures emerged as these economies grew from strength to strength.

However, the picture is not quite so rosy today. The emerging economies are plagued with problems, and are struggling to live up to their names. 

Where does Vista come in?

 ‘Emerging economies. Emerging Realities’ is the theme of the 2008 edition of Vista, the business fest of IIM Bangalore. The theme explores the beginnings of the ‘Emerging Economies’, their ascension to global importance and now, their struggle to keep their exalted positions in the midst of a worldwide upheaval.

 For India, this reality check is of paramount importance. With unprecedented economic growth coupled with the recognition from the powers that be, India seemed to be growing into a force to be reckoned with. The realities today, however, point elsewhere… the spectre of inflation and the instability of the political system have slipped a cloak of gloom on its once - splendid future. Will India emerge from this fog? Will it regain its former resplendence?

These, and more, are some of the questions that Vista 2008 will seek to answer. 

Keep reading this blog for important updates on Vista, inside info on the Vista team and the flurry of activities leading up to one of the biggest business fests in this part of the world!!

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